Many people have asked me which method of purchasing my bands music is the most profitable for the band. I feel like there is a general lack of information available out there on this topic. So, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of (from my experience) how much money really goes to an artist from each sale. Some people may think it unwise to reveal exactly what I get paid, but I think it’s good to have it out in the open. Heres my list:

1. In person (obviously thats always best. You get your music immediately, and since the money goes directly to us, noone else charges us any “processing” or “convenience” fees.

2. Through our website – – since its directly through our website, no online distributor takes any of the sale, but Paypal does charge us a processing fee. Also, it cost’s us several dollars to ship the CD out to you. We charge slightly more through our site (because you’re getting a physical product). After shipping and Paypal fees, we usually make about $8.00 off of a $12 sale.

3. Bandcamp – – bandcamp typically takes about 15% off the top for their share, then paypal takes about 5%. So we end up making about $8 off of a $10 sale.

4. iTunes – depending on which distribution site an artist uses, this amount will often change. But for us, heres how iTunes works: When you buy an album for $10, iTunes and the distributor collectively take about 30% off the top, and pay us the remainder. So we generally make about $7 off a $10 sale.

5. Amazon – again, it depends on the distribution site. For us, the distributor and Amazon take about 35% off the top, so we make about $6.50 off a $10 sale.

6. Google music is about the same as Amazon

7. Spotify – I could go on and on about this one. The bottom line is that we make about .08 of a cent per song that is streamed. So if someone listens to our new album once all the way through, we will make just under 1 cent. Of course, we will get a lot more streams than sales, but in order for us to make the same amount of money as 1 iTunes sale, someone would have to listen to our album about 700 times. Haha I think I probably don’t have to say this, but I’m not a big fan of spotify.

Anyways, I guess the bottom line here is this: buy our album in person. Come to a show! We promise we don’t bite! We’re nice guys, and we love to talk to our friends and fans! Plus, there’s nothing quite like listening to an album after hearing it live. Something about that memory of seeing a song live makes that song so much more enjoyable when you listen to it in your car!

well, I guess ill end my rant now. Thanks for reading!


Rylee McDonald