In June, as we were touring the West USA in support of our new album ‘Stagehound’, we had an experience that we thought we should share:

On a Saturday night, we had been booked to play at a club in Modesto, CA. At the time that we booked the gig, we were told that a local band would promote the show, and provide a sound system. However, when we arrived at the venue, we found that the local band had flaked on us, and the venue did not have any sound equipment. This left us with 2 options. Either we scrap the show altogether (without pay), or we find a way to put together a sound system and play the show.

Now, being a 4 person band crammed into one small van doesn’t leave you any room to pack a P.A. so we had nothing with us. But luckily we did happen to bring along our PJB Roadcase BG-800, our Super CUB AG-300 and our CUB II AG-150. As an experiment, we daisy-chained all of these amps together, ran a vocal mic into each one of them, and voila! We had a rockin’ sound system! We are a pretty loud band, and this setup gave us plenty of volume. More than we needed, in fact!

Can’t tell you how many times Phil Jones products have saved a gig for us. Thanks Phil!!!

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