T H E   B A N D



Rylee McDonald


Rylee has been a musician since seeing Rush live at the age of 13. He is the driving force behind Advent Horizon’s music. He is an accomplished vocalist and guitarist, but above all he focuses on songwriting. He is the front man of the band, and also manages the band. Rylee is married and enjoys restoring classic cars and cooking. When he is not playing music you can usually find him working on his 1984 Camaro, reading, or enjoying the outdoors.


Grant Matheson


A lifelong vocalist and performer, Grant is known for his stage presence and his high, clear voice. Born into a family of classically trained singers, Grant uses a very classical approach to his singing style, which sets him apart in the world of Rock music. When he’s not on stage, Grant can usually be found mixing music or engineering recording sessions. Before joining Advent Horizon, Grant was the band’s live sound engineer for 2 years. In April of 2015 Grant released a solo album, “Stories. The Record”. Check it out on



Cason Wood


The word bassist is not enough to describe Cason’s role in Advent Horizon. Aside from being an excellent bass player and providing the warm low end that is signature to Advent’s sound, Cason is also the bands peacekeeper. When an argument breaks out between Mike and Rylee about the arrangement or composition of a song, Cason is always the first to step in and find a peaceable solution. In addition to that, Cason has a vast knowledge of light beams and refractive particles and stuff (this was written by someone who does not have the same vast knowledge, and therefore is limited in the description process). He has developed a concept for a new lighting show that will soon be showcased at Advent’s live performances. Cason graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Physics. If you’re having a stressful day, Cason is a pretty good choice in the way of company. He’s chill as a cucumber.


Mike Lofgreen


As the backbone of the band’s rhythm, Mike’s drum grooves and fills are instantly recognizable to anyone who knows Advent Horizon. He also plays a significant role in the composition of Advent’s music. When Rylee writes a song, Mike takes it apart and rearranges the pieces as needed. Mikes role in the band is best described as follows: he makes the music interesting and engaging. Mike and Rylee started playing their respective instruments together on the same day at age 13, and have been playing together ever since. When Mike is not on stage or practicing rudiments, he can be found cooking, reading, or just relaxing. Mike is an excellent gourmet chef, and he often doubles as caterer for the band’s practices.