Track listing:
1. Invasion Theorem - 4:20 (heh)
2. Motion - 3:57
3. Diary - 4:28
4. Down the Vine - 4:38
5. The Dying Blue - 3:33
6. Magic Chef - 4:23
7. Oceans - 4:06
8. Wilted Grace - 3:55
9. Midweek Maniac - 4:30
10. Serpentine - 10:15
11. Sanctuary - 6:12


After our first album Immured, we took about a year determining what direction to go next. Immured’s sound was very sparse. We used a lot of digital effects and synthesizers to fill it in. That created a very pensive, thought provoking atmosphere. Many people really enjoyed this, and we could have easily decided to write an “Immured II”. But we agreed that the best bands are those who continually reinvent themselves. With this in mind, we set out to write an entire album that used no keys. That’s right. Not a single Synthesizer, organ, piano or symphonic pad on the whole LP. At first, we thought “no big deal! We’ll just write a straight up rock album!” But this proved to be a much bigger undertaking than we had originally planned. We learned very quickly that we are not capable of writing any truly “Straightforward” music. No matter how hard we tried to write a song that just “stuck to the groove” for 4 minutes, we couldn’t do it! The prog rockers in us wouldn’t allow it! So, we gave in and found a happy medium. We determined that we could still write music that was “progressive” at heart, but still be accessible and enjoyable to the average listener. So, with this decision, we began the writing process.

We wrote about 25 songs in all for this album. Eleven of them made it onto the album. Some have asked us if it was a difficult process determining which songs would make it on the album, and which would have to be cut. Oddly enough, the answer is no. It was quite easy. You see, we left the decision up to Mike. As the pickiest member of the band, Mike’s screening process for our new songs was much more thorough than any of the rest of us. We found that when we listened to his opinions on which songs should go, the remaining songs sounded much more cohesive together.  Will we ever release the songs that got cut from this album? Perhaps. . .

Stagehound and Serpentine suite (Tracks 8, 9 and 10)

The songs on Stagehound cover a wide range of topics. We will be posting the albums lyrics on the site after its release, but for now we will highlight one set of songs. Tracks 8, 9, and 10 tell a story that we have affectionately titled “Stagehound and Serpentine”. These songs are meant to be listened to in order (prog rockers rejoice). We will not go too far into the story at this point, except to say that we took inspiration from the Greek Myth of Orpheus and Eurdice. This suite of songs takes place in New Orleans and Chicago during the early years of the great depression, and follows two main characters, named Stagehound and Sally.


Creating an album does not end after all the songs are written. Matter of fact, I would argue that writing is the easy part. Next comes the long and taxing process of recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

We began the recording process in February of 2015 at Man vs. Music Studios in Salt Lake City, UT. Mike Sasich engineered the Man vs. Music sessions, and our Producer Matt Winegar (producer of Immured, as well as Primus, Coheed and Cambria, Royal Bliss and Faith no More) was there from the beginning. We spent 5 days there. ALL of the drums on the album were recorded on day 1. Day 2 was Editing and Bass tracking. Days 3, 4 and 5 we tracked guitars. There are a LOT of guitars on this album.

The first week of March 2015, we headed out to Matt Winegars home studio in Oakland, CA where we tracked the vocals in 2 days, and got to work on Mixing. The mixing phase took a total of 5 days (3 during early march and 2 during the first week of April). The album was then sent off to be mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Cynic, Faith no More). Maor finished mastering the album the last week of April. Then, the album went to printing. Now, here I sit less than 2 weeks from the album release, hoping-nay-PRAYING that we get the CDs in time. You may be asking why I took the time to write out the entire process by which this album came to be. If you are wondering that, then I respectfully ask you, Why are you still reading?


If you have read this far, I hope you will bear with me for the most important part of this whole page: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Advent Horizon has gained a good following throughout the western united states by playing consistently, and releasing new music. But there is only so much that can be accomplished nowadays by playing live. I don’t need to give you a whole speech about how the entire music world revolves around social media, but IT DOES. If you enjoy our music, and you want to hear more, please share us! Show all your friends! Tell your Brother/sister to turn off “The Voice” and come see us play live! We believe we have what it takes to make our mark in the world, but we need all the support we can get!


Thanks so much for listening, for reading, and for caring. We sincerely hope you enjoy Stagehound.




Rylee McDonald

Advent Horizon